All things dog

Over the last 14 years we have travelled extensively with our two golden retrievers and we understand how important it is to be able to not only bring your doggy family member with you on holiday, but also for them to be made welcome and not just tolerated. Our aim is to make your dog feel as much at home on their holiday as we hope you do.  To that end we provide a throw for furniture and a towel for wet paws.  We can also provide a dog bed if requested.  Along with this we will leave a few special treats as a welcome for your dog.

Outside you will find a shower area to clean paws and tums and there are also bins identified around the parking area to deposit poop bags.

 The gardens are extensive and you and your dog are welcome to roam without a lead. We do have a large wildlife pond on the property which can be a little muddy and smelly so you may want to pop a lead on when walking around in that area. All we ask is that you pick up after your dog ensure that your dog is well behaved around other people and dogs.

There are many lovely walks in the area that you can take your dog on, however you will want to use a lead for any walk that passes through agricultural land.  We have a lot of sheep with lambs in spring and cows with calves and the farmers do not like dogs to run freely through the livestock.  There are also local beaches where you can let your dog off leash.  Just ask us for recommendations, or look in the Guest Information book in your room.

Please do not leave your dog unattended in your apartment unless he/she is crated.  

There are several local pubs and restaurants that are dog friendly.

Send us a picture of your dog enjoying his/her holiday at Lonan House and we will add it to our gallery.

A word from our Head of Canine Services 

Our names are Arthur (the blonde one) and Roy (the black one) and we are the Joint Heads of Canine Services at Lonan House.  We are both quite new to our jobs, but we are learning as quickly as we can.  We are very enthusiastic to meet all of our guests, both doggy and human so please forgive us if we bounce around a bit!    We would love to show our doggy guests the best squirrel chasing spots, best muddy puddles to jump in and where to find the best sticks. 

Our predecessor was a big boy called Norton and he helped my mum and dad to create this doggy paradise so we have big paws to fill but we are working very hard to be the best welcome dogs. 

In memory of Norton and Bentley, the best companions we could have wished for. Enjoy the great squirrel wood in the sky boys…
Norton – Our first head of Canine Services enjoying spring in the garden.



Norton – Our first head of Canine Services enjoying spring in the garden.